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Classics of Magic

We teach all the classics of magic, but with a twist

Juggling and Danger

We are the trained professionals your parents warned you about... This show includes juggling the normal stuff, but also includes knives, chickens, hand grenades and other ridiculous and or dangerous object as well as just danger, such as the bed of nails, the ladder of machetes, and other danger
Disaster Piece Theatre

You've heard of masterpiece theater.... Well this isn't it. We have lowered your expectation of what you thought classic theater and fairy tales are or were.... this show is chock full of craziness, bad puns, and just being utterly ridiculous.... Now it isn't all fun and games we do have one cultural factor, a random musical number....

Puppets: Edgar the Raven
The Raven
Puppets: Leopold the Tree
The Tree
Puppets: Lester the Chimp
The Chimp
Puppets: Poncho the Dragon
the Dragon
Puppets: Renaldo the Knight
the Knight
Puppets: Todd the Fox
the Fox
Puppets: Trevor the Lion
the Lion
Puppets: Tyler the Goose
the Goose

Professor Red's Sciencey Stuff
A laugh packed, educational, and exciting show full of science experiments!! The 45 minute program will include 4 to 6 science experiments targeted for kids. A 15 minute demonstration will be provided to go over a box of take home experiments for your child to complete at home.
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