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Slice and Dice Magic Show

This show is pure magic and includes such stage illusions, as the mis-made apprentice and the zig zag girl and even an aerial silk artist, classic slight of hand and a bit of comedy thrown in to keep it fancy.

Teaching Magic Show

We will teach you how to do the classics of magic and throw our own twist, just because we can.

Juggling and Danger

As described: Comedy juggling with knives, chickens, clubs, balls, rings and children. As well as classic sideshow working acts like the bed of nails, jumping on broken glass, and even an obscure act called the ladder of swords, along with fire eating and fire breathing where permitted, and fantastic escapes, also with a performing terrier that flies through hoops with ease.

Defying Gravity

Juggling with a twist, defying gravity and logic and combined with our acrobatic dog and a variety of other death defying stunts.

WHoosh Fire

This show includes: Daring stunts of fire and acrobatics. Such as fire juggling, rope dart, fans, fire eating and breathing and various other dangerous stunts performed by trained professionals with 15 years experience.


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